The Top Three Performances That You Can See In Vegas

There are some people that say the Las Vegas is not about the incredible casinos, nor about the replicas of beautiful artwork found throughout the world. It’s all about the performances that you can see at the different casinos that allow these companies to come in and provide shows that are absolutely unstoppable. Some of them are done by people that are well known in the music industry such as Britney Spears, Celine Dion, or even Elton John. However, it’s the performances that are done by teams of people where they are enacting absolutely magical performances, that you should see while you are there

Criss Angel At Luxor

This all started about a decade ago when he began with Mindfreak, a half-hour television program that people enjoyed. Criss Angel astounded the world with a multitude of different magical stunts, including levitating over buildings high in the air. He was offered a contract by the owner of Luxor after he disappeared from the top of this pyramid. Today, you can see the show done by the master himself which is still as amazing as it has always been.

Le Reve – The Dream

This is an amazing performance. There is so much dancing, swimming and acting, along with acrobatics, you will be entertained the entire night. It’s a wonderful show, one that you will enjoy at the Wynn Casino. It’s astounding how people can stand on each other, apparently creating a human tree with people in the water below. It literally is a dream, one that is astounding to watch, and you will wonder how they were able to do all of these amazing things.

O By Cirque du Solei

This is considered by many to be the most incredible of all of the aquatic performances. It is performed by synchronized swimmers, acrobats, and divers. There are fantasy worlds that you will see, and there are incredible athletes that do outstanding maneuvers. It will certainly be the highlight of your trip if you decide to go see O at the Bellagio.

These are just a couple of the shows that you ought to consider seeing. Just make sure that you take a week out of your time so that you have plenty of time to do other things. At the very least, see one of the shows while you are there if you only have a weekend. It will be the highlight of your week, if not your year, because of how outstanding these performances are.